Cafes in Ho Chi Minh City
Find trusted and good cafes in Ho Chi Minh right here at travel all in one. We try to give you a variety of cafes from different districts. Mostly recommended by tourists and friends who have been there to experience the friendly services and reasonable priced cafes. We welcome you to recommend to us any cafes you think may be worth a mention and we will gladly list them here so as to share with the whole world.

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DISTRICTS [ 1 ][ 3 ][ 5 ][ 7 ][ 10 ][ Binh Thanh ][ Phu Nhuan ]

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 District 1

Passio Cafe

Cafe De Lavande

Cafe Sozo

Starmoon Coffee

Trung Nguyen

Many Different Tastes Coffee

Jardine d'Amour


House of Juliet Cafe

Ngo 89

Caffe Fresco

Cafe 90

Cafe Maya

Haagen Dazs

Hao Bang Coffee House

Eastgate Coffee House

Cafe Kebab

Bo Gia Cafe

Yoway Cafe

Nang Cafe

Cafe 5 Giay

Lamode Cafe

Nghe Coffee

Pinky Cafe

Fly Coffee


Ciao Cafe

TY Audio Cafe

Espacio Cafe

Snowee Cafe


Thuc Coffee

Dong Dao Coffee and Restaurant

Anh Phan Cafe

La Cafe

BUD'S Ice Cream

Nguyen Hoang Cafe

Thoai Vien

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...
 District 3

Bobby Brewers Coffee

D'Cross Ice-Cream & Coffee

Vung Oi Mo Ra Cafe

Cafe Nguyen

Bamboo Cafe

AQ Cafe

May Cafe

NU Coffee

Mr. Buff Cafe

An Nam Cafe

Flower Town Cafe


Cafe Ngo Thoi Gian

Overture Cafe

Rose Cafe

Saigon Pho

Sense Cafe

Siena Cafe

Bready Banh Mi Tuoi cafe

Suoi Da Cafe

Elite Gelato Coffee Pluto Ice Cream

Chuong Gio

Gio Bac

Hideaway Cafe


The Bean Coffee

Fly Cupcake

Coming Soon...
 District 5

Tra Tien Huong

Fresco Cafe

Viano Coffee

Pha Le Da

New Zealand Ice Cream

Tofu Square

Bingo Cafe

Ori 07

Oto Cafe

Quynh Nhu

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon
District 7

Cafe Sooni Dorry

Phuc Long

Angel-in-US Cafe

Tram Anh

Z Cho Cafe

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Coming Soon...

Coming Soon
District 10

Cafe Tinh Te

Cafe Chuong Gio

18 Degree

Katekim Book Cafe

Jessol Cafe

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Coming Soon...

Coming Soon
District Binh Thanh

Phe Ca Phe

The Music Coffee

Urban Station

Coming Soon...


District Phu Nhuan

PRC Bakery

Moi Moi Cafe

The Journey

Cafe Olive

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

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