Hassle and fuss free search for travel information any where in the world. Looking for restaurants or hotels for your vacations, or simply trying to find out what the places have to offer, come down here to have a hassle and fuss free search for the information that you want.

We want to add more varieties into websites offering free information. Most travel sites tells you to go to the more famous streets and restaurants or hotels. WE WANT TO OFFER MORE... besides all this popular places (tourists' attractions aside), we also want you to experience the everyday lives of the people where you will not have a chance to see as a tourist. We want to let you find the places where the locals go to eat, shop and have fun so that you (as the visitor) will have more choices to choose from (and cheaper as well) instead of the usual recommendations which could be very expensive because it was only meant to be for tourists.

THIS is what we AIM to ACHIEVE here... By GIVING you MORE CHOICES...

We want to do away with all the complicated stuffs that you find in websites nowadays. No more having to navigate aimlessly at times trying to figure out how to actually find what you want.

We have gone back to basics.

This website is about "bringing you the world". We want to bring you the world right to your screen, whether you want to get information about a particular country, or you plan to visit the country, we try to our best effort to include all information possible so that you do not have to go to different websites just to get the information. You can find all of it here.

We do away with complicated stuffs. We let you navigate the site by just pointing and clicking your mouse. No need to enter any information whatsoever. We lead you to what you want. You don't have to think about what keyword to type in. The information here have been carefully thought of for people like you who wishes to know everything about a country before you embark on your journey there.

All information in this site is based on personal experience and also through recommendations, comments and feedbacks by those seasoned travelers who are more than willing to contribute to the success of this site. We will however, try to be as accurate as possible on what we publish here.

We are still updating this site with new information and countries and will continue to add and update more information and countries till the day the internet no longer exists. We sincerely welcome any information, recommendations, comments or feedbacks that will contribute to the success of this website. A BIG thank you in advance.

Meanwhile, enjoy your visit here while "we bring you the world...." [back to main]